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  1. In Iowa Where Every Vote Counted, Romney's Digital Content Strategy Kept "Off the Grid" Voters Engaged

    Content Rich: The Blog (Jan 4 2012)

    1. In Iowa Where Every Vote Counted, Romney's Digital Content Strategy Kept "Off the Grid" Voters Engaged

      If there were any doubt about the importance of attention to every last detail of voter engagement, Mitt Romney's 8-vote (.0006%) win in the Iowa Caucuses was a fresh reminder.  And digital/content marketing had a lot to do with the former Massachusetts governor's ablity to take Iowa while spending only a handful of days campaigning in the state.

      While Romney spread his fundraising and campaigning efforts across dozens of states, his digital team was waging a highly targeted, disciplined effort to engage his Iowa supporters with a continuous stream of content over much of 2011, and to turn out the vote when it was needed.

      While much of the campaign coverage focused on the television ad wars, Romney used a sophisticated and new set of digital targeting techniques that allowed him to reach far beyond television to "off the grid" voters who never watch TV but who do use computers.

      A recent article in TechPresident gives us a glimpse of Romney's digital marketing approach, through the eyes of his digital director, Zac Moffatt.  And that article is worth a read for marketers curious about the state of the art in reaching beyond traditional media.

      Moffat's research showed that one-third of likely voters don't watch television, that fully 45 percent primarily consume video in media other than TV, and that people with DVR's tend to skip the ads.  As a result, says Moffatt, "We've made a very conscious decision to reach out to folks who might otherwise miss our message."

      In contrast, the Rick Santorum campaign waged a more conventional online campaign, and was forced to play catch-up as rivals dealt various forms of online mischief in the final days of the campaign.

      In the end, with the top two contenders separated by eight votes, Romney's digital marketing sophistication and off-the-TV-grid outreach just may have made the difference.

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